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Welcome !

If you would like to know more about experiencing sound, colour and energy balancing, then you are in the right place!

My name is Julia Smith and I have lots to share with you.

Working with our energy is fun and exciting!  Seeing your aura tells you so much about yourself.
Your aura is your energy field and we suddenly see more of who we are.

Aura Photography
This biofeedback aura photography shows you your beautiful aura in that moment plus the 7 main chakras; the colourful chi energy that flows into your body.  We are colour beings!

We will spend a fun 30 minutes where I will go right into what the colours mean in your aura.

Gift vouchers available ~ these make a great unique gift.
Corporate availability ~ I am available to participate in your events / expo’s.  If you have products you’re developing and would like their aura photographed I am available for this.
This is one of Sydney’s leading Aura Photography, with 10 years of experience interpreting auras and working with energy, sound and colour.

Transformational Energetic Healing:
In these deeply relaxing sessions I use my ability to bring through divine energies that flush through your whole body, pushing out and transforming old energy blocks and refreshing it with high vibration divine energies that initiate change in you.
Relax        Release          Receive
The sound vibrations I use in the BodhiBed roll through every cell in your body take your body to the deepest state of relaxation you would have ever known. The relaxation puts you in a perfect state of receptivity as I apply colour therapy and energy balancing to clear, restore, align and upgrade your energy to a higher vibration.
This is a powerful experience not to be missed, as it is nothing like you have ever felt!
Gentle      Easy      Nurturing      It’s all done for you
Two sessions times lengths available:  45mins   and   1.5 hrs which includes aura photography

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Meditation Groups:  I love these meditation groups!  So nice to meet other lovely people interested in sound, colour and energy and to meditate together.

The energy I bring through in these 1 hr classes is powerful divine energy that helps create a shift in you – flushing out energy that is creates pain, and replacing it with high vibration joy filled energy. These classes include my beautiful Tubular Crystal Harp.  This beautiful “Harp” consists of 10 tubes of crystal specifically chosen by me for their known transformational energy qualities.  When you hear the Harp being played, often you are transported into the celestial realms.
Classes:  Wednesday night’s 7-8pm  and  Thursday lunchtimes 12.30pm-1.30pm.  Register by texting me on 0404 619 148.  Minimum class numbers for the class to be run.
Location:  Studio upstairs at West Street Wellbeing Clinic, 64 West Street, North Sydney (residential part – plenty of on-street free parking).

Let’s connect!
I am here to help you; to bring love, joy and fun into learning more about you, your aura and your energy!
I love questions and discussion, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.
[email protected]
61 404 619 148