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Julia Smith headshotHello !     I’m Julia Smith.

Music and sound tones are pure energy and harmonize your body to it’s natural harmonic rate while giving you a blissful music massage in every cell.  Every organ and body part vibrates to its own sound tone, and stress and our lifestyles can cause its resonance to go off-key contributing to illness, emotional stress and not feeling right with the world.

This process is the wholistic natural way to shift that energy to better health, happiness and helping your energy to connect to what you want in your life and make it a reality.  And it is so blissfully relaxing – you’ll experience the most relaxed state you’ve ever felt!

Nothing to do but the three R’s !!    Relax          Release          Receive

So Gentle.   So Easy.   It’s all done for you.

Sound & Colour quote IT&P 2012Working with energy is now widely accepted and this method is pioneering a unique way of shifting your energy – gently releasing unhealthy lower energies.  This allows in fresh higher energy which helps improve your health, happiness, and manifest what you want into reality.

You will receive sound frequencies through my unique BodhiBed® that resonate and retune  different parts of the the human body, back to their natural frequency or harmonic rate.

Click here to see the wide range of sound frequencies available.  This is an amazingly relaxing experience and while harmonising different parts of your body back to their natural resonance, it gently releases significant levels of stress while you sleep, by massaging every cell in your body; giving you an ultimate massage like you have never had before.  It Is Bliss.

© 2012 Inner Tranquillity & PeaceAppointments take you through Julia’s proven formula of combining music that calms the mind, sound frequencies your body needs, Colour Therapy, and my own way of bringing through high energy frequencies – all to clear, shift, balance and align your energy level to your vision, health and happiness.  It really works.

Many people have connected with me to have this completely unique experience – click here to see their stories and get a feel of what you receive when you see me.

It is perfect for so many different things – increased health, significant stress reduction, increased happiness through emotional tension release, calming your mind, reducing anxiety & overwhelm, clearing and uplifting your energy levels.

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Click here to read about how I work with the BodhiBed® and my methods.

Created especially for you is an amazingly relaxing, nurturing and safe environment for you to come into and completely surrender to the gentle stress release, serenity and upliftment these appointments provide.

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Manifesting formula:

Honour Your Self          Nurture Your Self          Love Your Self

Cleanse & Uplift Your Energy to Be Aligned to the Energy Level of Your Dream

Manifest What You Love

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Come and experience The Power of Sound and Vibrational Waves 

On the Body, Mind and Soul Here.

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Sound and Colour as pure energy waves carry information and characteristics that profoundly influence our body, emotions, and energy body.