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Clinic Closed until end of September – Please note Julia will be unavailable for appointments until the end of September.  Please email [email protected] if you would like an appointment and you will be contacted on her return.  Thank you.

Hello !     I’m Julia Smith and I am here to help you improve your life through my unique Music Julia Smith copyright 2016Therapy and Healing Sound Tone Programs.

These aim to upgrade your approach to life, bring you deep relaxation and mind-joy, raise your brainwave patterning and Equal Whole Mind Usage and bring you increased Joy and Happiness in Life.  See appointment types here.

Are you finding it hard to cope with the pressures in life??

Are you looking for an easy way to reduce your stress, stop your monkey mind critical thoughts and connect with clarity?

Are you looking for a way to leverage improving productivity, creativity and enthusiasm in your staff??  Are you a CEO looking for Factor X left-field ideas and solutions through opening the mind to improved ways of operating?  See how its done here.

Does your child need help reducing stress and connecting back to what brings them Joy??

Are you looking for faster recovery from jet lag; or have an illness and need a way to recover your energy levels?  See the wide range of benefits here.

At Inner Tranquillity & Peace we are doing just that.

Nothing to do here but the three R’s !!    Relax          Release          Receive

So Gentle.   So Easy.   It’s all done for you.

© 2012 Inner Tranquillity & PeaceThe Inner Tranquillity & Peace Way – The multi-layered music system here harnesses:
*  music and sound tones as pure energy to harmonize your body to it’s natural harmonic rate while giving you a blissful music massage in every cell – the BodhiBed® Table sound technology gives you the equivalent of a good night’s sleep in one appointment!  Click here to see the wide range of sound frequencies available.  Also included is:
*  Colour Therapy;
*  Essential Oils;
*  Hands-on Energetic Healing.

This process is the wholistic natural way to shift your energy to better health, happiness and helping your energy to connect to what you want in your life. And it is so blissfully relaxing – you’ll experience the most relaxed state you’ve ever felt!

Appointments take you through my proven formula of combining music that calms the mind, sound frequencies your body needs, Colour Therapy, Essential Oils plant medicine, and my own way of bringing through high energy frequencies – all to clear, shift, balance and align your energy level to your vision, health and happiness.  It really works.

Take a Chance copyright Inner Tranquillity & Peace June 2015Many people have connected with me to have this completely unique experience – click here to see their stories and get a feel of what you receive when you see me.

It is perfect for so many different things – increased health, significant stress reduction, increased happiness through emotional tension release, calming your mind, reducing anxiety & overwhelm, clearing and uplifting your energy levels, letting go of grief and trauma.

Created especially for you is an amazingly relaxing, nurturing and safe environment for you to come into and completely surrender to the gentle stress release, serenity and upliftment these appointments provide.

Click here to read about how I work with the BodhiBed® and my methods.

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