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Welcome to inner tranquillity & peace!

If you would like to know more about experiencing sound, colour and energy balancing, then you are in the right place!

My name is Julia Smith and I am passionate in helping you to be in inner tranquillity and peace through my BodhiBed sound healing table, colour therapy, crystal therapy and energy balancing & alignments.

Working with our energy is fun and exciting!  Seeing your aura tells you so much about yourself.

Your aura is your energy field and we suddenly see more of who we are.

Aura Photography
This biofeedback aura photography shows you your beautiful aura in that moment, PLUS the 7 main chakras; the colourful chi energy that flows into your body.  We are colour beings! We will spend a fun 30 minutes where I will go right into what the colours mean in your aura.
I Am one of Sydney’s leading Aura Photography and readers of aura photos, with 10 years of experience interpreting auras and working with light energy, sound and colour.
A perfect fun experience to do in the holidays!

CORPORATE EVENTS AND CELEBRATIONS – I have been involved in corporate events, weddings, expos, fairs and product development.  People love seeing their aura, and is proves time and again to be popular.  Add aura photography to your event – it’s a great talking piece amongst guests!  Please phone 0404 619 148 or email [email protected] to find out more and ask for a quote.

Achieve Inner Tranquillity with Sound Healing, Colour Therapy and Energy Balancing
These appointments are packed with different all natural vibrational therapies, that have been uniquely combined to help you to wellness, inner peace and harmony on the inside and out.

Relax        Release          Receive       Rejuvenate      Recalibrate

  • Music and Sound Therapy: The BodhiBed table has speakers in it so your body receives a direct hit of music therapy.  The music transports you effortlessly into inner tranquillity; massaging every cell in your body.   It takes your body to the deepest state of relaxation you have ever known! The relaxation puts you in a perfect state of receptivity.
  • Light Therapy:  You will lay under a coloured light lamp and have directed into your energy body and physical cells pure colour.  Julia will intuit and switch the colours to what you need as you are deeply resting.  The lamp is so simple, natural and powerfully penetrating literally melting away dense energy out of all of your body.
  • Energetic Healing:  Julia will transmit beautiful divine energy into your body for cleansing, repairing, energising and activating your energy field.
  • Essential Oils and Energy Sprays:  Enjoy the gorgeous fragrance from these medicinal grade essential oils and energy spray.  Hand picked by Julia these oils and sprays bring healing and uplifting benefits to you.
  • Crystal Healing:  Julia uses and arrange of crystal wands and swords to help to cut away old ties and clear density out of your energy field.

In these deeply relaxing sessions you will experience lots of different types of music and sound healing together with colour therapy for letting go of old stress, balancing your energy and harmonising your body.

It is a beautiful and powerful experience.

Gentle      Easy      Nurturing

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Let’s Connect!
I am here to help you to bring love, joy and fun into learning more about you, your aura and your energy!
I love questions and discussion, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Contact Julia at:
Email:  [email protected]
Ph: 61 404 619 148