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BodhibedWe are living in a fast paced, stressful environment, which is constantly changing.

This creates many health and social issues for people.

Is this you ?  Do you have:

*  constant mind chatter so you can’t think straight and don’t easily know what decisions are best for you?
*  chronic pain and looking for natural pain management ?
*  a life-threatening illness, such as cancer and need pain management and a fast way to get your energy back, and support your body’s natural healing process ?
*  anxiety or depression from a traumatic experience ?
*  excessively high stress levels from overwork, studying the HSC or overwhelm ?
*  commitment to a dedicated path of personal development and evolvement and looking to take it to greater expansion ?

If you answer YES to any of these, then this is the place for you.

Julia Smith headshotJulia’s system using the BodhiBed® is a unique, dynamic and exquisitely enjoyable experience.  Using strategically applied Sound, Music and Colour as an energy vibration it penetrates and massages every cell in your body opening the door to release physical and emotional pain, long term held stress, and calms your mind to be still and peaceful.  This sounds very simple, yet it is very powerful.

Julia’s system simultaneously addresses the following four aspects of you, and needs to be experienced to appreciate all that it provides..  Just like our car has four wheels that all need to be working at their best, it is the same with our body. These four aspects need continual maintenance and care to have them working optimally:

Physical - Significant Long Term Stored Stress and Toxin Release from every cell for penetrating and whole body relaxation.
Emotional -  Significant Emotional Tension Release soothing the nervous system
Mind - Significantly Quieten Your Mind for Clear Thinking and equalise usage of left & right sides of the brain stimulating passion inspired creative ideas combined with implementation strategy.
Energy Body - Clear all Main Meridian Lines Similtaneously (no needles like in acupuncture) for clear chi energy flow and energy balancing – creating a platform for good health.  AuraEnergy Photos of your energy centres are used for information on your current chi energy flow.
Enjoyable Pain Management in all of these areas.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Effective Pain Management
  • Increases Energy Levels, highly beneficial after Chemotherapy treatment.
  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief and depression, soothing the nervous system and adrenals ‘fight or flight’ levels.
  • Clears the meridian lines for increased physical energy flow and aiding the body’s natural healing ability
  • Decreases Acidity, through detoxification of your cells
  • Increases Oxygenation
  • Increases Circulation
  • Deep Physical Relaxation, every cell in your body is massaged
  • Significant calming and quietening of mind chatter, hear yourself think
  • Significant emotional calm
  • Enhances Sound/Music therapy
  • Compliments Physical Therapies
  • Stimulates Creativity and Learning
  • Effective with SelfHelp or Mind-Body tapes and CD’s
  • Facilitates deep inner connection with yourself and your intuition.

Julia’s Sound and Colour System


Energy Balancing Sound Therapy BedYour appointment is packed with a variety of different products and techniques.  The fundamental treatment utilises the BodhiBed® Sound and Music Table and Julia’s unique system includes colour therapy products and pure plant based oils which are selected to suit your individual requirements.  Julia’s initial discussion with you identifies your needs and then attunes to your energy to select the sound and colour lines of energy your energy field requires.

Each treat-ment is also a treat as it is so enjoyable, yet significantly addresses your stress levels, resulting in raising the quality of how you experience life, can empower you to work through how you deal with and feel about life’s events and feel better about yourself.  Treatments take you from pain related stress towards Joy.

Treatments can be focussed on what you specifically require, so can be directed at issues in work, relationships, parenting, studies, trauma and loss, and personal evolvement.

InnerT-280The BodhiBed® utilises sound frequencies and music vibration and could be considered a similar concept to Music Therapy.  The BodhiBed® literally plays alot of the dense stressful feeling energy out of every cell in your body leaving you incredibly calm.   Every cell in your body is literally massaged allowing release of toxins and negative energy, creating a space for you to experience healing and your cells to reach their full potential.

The Sessions

Sessions specially designed to take your mind, body and soul to amazing levels of stress relief and relaxation are (please click here for details):

>   Life Stress Management, Pain Management, Addiction, Chemotherapy support and energy recovery
>  Grief, Anxiety and Depression Relief
>  Instant Holiday Mode
>  Relaxation and Clarity
>  Exam Stress Buster
>  Inner Empowerment – feel better in your own skin
>  AuraEnergy Photography Session – includes glossy colour photo of your aura and chakras, report and 30 minute discussion.
>  Cut Negative Thinking
>  Advanced Sound Therapy Home Program

To explore these and book your appointment, please click here.

These comprehensive programs effortlessly achieve for you clearing stressful illness creating feelings to raise your emotional vibration in your body, while you deeply relax on the BodhiBed® Sound & Music vibration table and enjoy the sensory experience Julia provides with Colour Therapy, and high vibration & fragrant essential oils and essences all which enhance the high vibration energy she provides.

ICS colour head 2014These vibrational treatments utilises sound technology together with other high vibrational natural products that open and appeal to your senses while you are effortlessly taken to the Alpha state of meditation, calms and quietens your mind and cleanses, opens and balances your energy for clear flow of chi energy around your body, facilitating good health (as adopted in Chinese medicine and acupuncture).  This unique process and amazing experience will so easily take you to the state of Inner Tranquillity & Peace.

The BodhiBed ® system results in tremendous stress relief, calm and relaxation in the above four aspects – all important for creating a platform for health, and raising your emotional vibration so you connect with the vibration of the Law of Attraction you now require.

Stress Creates Disharmony Leading to Disease

In todays high stress world many serious stress created illnesses are taking their toll.  We store toxic acids in our cells from the stress we live through daily and this leads to our cells not receiving the oxygen they need, putting cell regeneration under pressure.  the acidic toxic waste from this stress can lead to serious consequences in our health if the toxins are not flushed out.  Low frequency sound vibrations and music, from the BodhiBed ®, may contribute to cleaning out our cells, increasing the oxygen levels in your cells.

So natural non-pharmaceutical drug methods of dramatic stress release and clearing chi energy balancing and optimal flow are more important than ever to have booked into our busy schedules as illness prevention and stress and pain management. Julia’s system with the BodhiBed ® is such an enjoyable way to achieve this.  It is also an incredible support for those dealing with serious illnesses such as cancer, grief, PTSD, anxiety and more. Please enquire how we can help you relative to your circumstances. You really need to experience it to fully appreciate. “At Inner Tranquillity & Peace, we are one of the first clinics in Australia to adopt cutting edge technologies incorporating scientifically developed sound frequencies and music plus colour vibrational energy waves as a form of treatment.”  - Julia Smith, Inner Tranquillity & Peace

The Science Of Energy Balancing

We are also one of the only clinics to also offer AuraEnergy Photography as part of your session.  These images show you are more than you can see.  These informative photos make visible your invisible energy field and also show the state of your chakras in how efficiently they are. The colours in your energy field show what you are expressing and experiencing at that moment and how much chi (life-force) energy your body is receiving via your chakras in terms of energy flow. This information empowers you with understanding in how to optimise your chi energy flow to improve your health.  We take a before and after session photos of you and print these photos to refer to at any time.  These are provided in our packages, so you can track what happens over time.

Come and experience The Power of Sound and Vibrational Waves 

On the Body, Mind and Soul Here.

The Power of Sound and Colour to naturally harmonise the human body.
There is nothing like it.