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Aura Photography:  Are you interested to see your aura?  Would you like to know more about your energy field and the colours in it and what they mean and to know more about what your chakras actually do?

Sydney’s premier Aura Photography is right here, with 10 years of experience interpreting auras and working with energy!  Come in and spend a fun 30 minutes with Julia who will share her expertise on colour and energy fields with you!  Julia is also available for events and expos.
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Gift Vouchers available:  email julia at [email protected] or phone 0404 6191 48 to arrange the perfect gift voucher for you.

Transformational Energetic Healing: Julia has a unique approach to working with energy.  Music, sound and colour waves are all energy and she is an expert in tapping into which energy your body is needing right now.  Over the 10 years she has been practicing she has also developed a powerful ability to bring through divine energies that flush through your whole body, pushing out and transforming old energy blocks and refreshing it with high vibration life changing divine energy.  This is an experience not to be missed as it is nothing like you have ever felt.  The sound vibrations rolling through every cell in your body take your body to the deepest state of relaxation you would have ever known, and in this state of relaxation she is able to deeply penetrate your energy field and dissolve what no longer services you.

To transform your life, it starts with you!  Eliminating old energy blocks gives you a great gift and opportunity to change your life – it allows in high vibration energy which carries your connection to better health, opportunities, joy and abundance!

Whether you come in person or receive the energy via Skype it is all just as powerful.

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Very easy!      Nothing to do here but the three R’s !!
Relax       Release          Receive

So Gentle.   So Easy.   It’s all done for you.

Locations:  Pyalla St, Northbridge and West Street Wellbeing Clinic, 64 West Street North Sydney (residential)

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The Ultimate Package:  This package has it all.  1.5hours of sublime bliss.  You will receive an aura photograph on your arrival and a discussion on what the photo is showing us and about what you are needing in today’s appointment.  Then you will lay on Julia’s amazing sound frequency table and she will intuit from the 61 sound frequencies she has available the one just right for you.  You will feel this deeply penetrating sound rolling through your body and listen to music that balances your mind taking it to the state of deeply relaxing alpha state of mind.  While you are blissfully resting Julia will work on your chakras, meridian lines, energy body and nervous system using high vibration colour, essential oils and transmit into your body beautiful Divine every that Spirit gifts to you through her.  This is a deeply transformational and unique experienced.  Has to be experienced to believe.

Heart Meditation Groups:  Julia facilitates amazingly powerful Heart Meditation Groups, held in the Studio upstairs at West Street Wellbeing Clinic, 64 West Street, North Sydney (residential part – plenty of on street free parking).

The energy Julia brings through in the one hour classes is powerful divine energy that creates a shift in you – flushing out energy that is creating pain, and replacing it with high vibration joy filled energy.

Classes are currently finished for the year, and will resume in January 2018 – date yet to be confirmed.  Please check Julia’s Events webpage

Tubular Crystal Harp:  As a Musical Therapist and Musical Sound Note expert Julia understands the power of this amazing instrument – her Tubular Crystal Harp.  This beautiful “Harp” consists of 10 tubes of crystal specifically chosen by Julia for their known transformational energy qualities.  When you hear the Harp being played by Julia you are transported into the celestial realms and can feel the crystalline tones deeply penetrate all of you.

Beautiful, powerful and incredibly beneficial you will come back for more, once you’ve had a taste!  Julia plays at public events, and is available for booking at your special event.  Read more about Julia’s work and her divine Harp here.

Come and see Julia!

Julia is here to help you on your journey of transformation.  Come and experience her gentle, nurturing, unique and quite amazing knowledge and expertise.

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