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I love aura photography and what it can show about us.  I have been doing aura photography and interpretation for about 10 years and I still love it!  The time we will spend talking about your aura is fun and memorable.
My sound, colour and energy balancing appointments are a unique, relaxing and inspiring experience.  There really is nothing like it.  If you are feeling you need change to come into your life, this is perfect as it is so gentle, easy, relaxing, non-confronting, and initiates change into your aura field that flows into all of you.
Aura Photography $85
This is a special time where you will learn about the colours that are showing in your aura photographs.  You will also hear about the 7 colourful chakra circles in your photos.

In the 30mins appointment you can ask any questions as you discover more about your aura.

In the appointment you will receive:* 2 Aura and chakra photographs (one at the start and one at the end of the appointment.  Sample shown)
* Receive a colour energy mist into your aura, to see how colour changes your aura colours.
* Aura reading and discussion with question time.
* The 2 photographs will be emailed to you.
For more aura info you can read my article.My downloadable “Your Aura” ebook in my Shop is the perfect combination with your aura photographs as it goes into detail on all the colours and meanings.
Inner Tranquillity Healing $211
This is a beautiful relaxing experience where you get to drift into deep relaxation as I use sound healing, colour therapy and energy balancing to clear and align your aura field.  You will lay on my unique BodhiBed sound healing table which will gently roll special sound notes into your body, so every cell is massaged and harmonised to these healing tones.
45minutes of relaxation and energy balancing, leaving you rejuvenated.
The Ultimate Package $350
1.5hrs of pure bliss – a combo of Aura Photography and Inner Tranquillity Healing.  This package includes an aura photograph before your energy balancing and one after, so you can see the difference in your aura’s colours.
This is the ultimate way to relax while your energy is cleared, balanced and aligned.  I will use many different sound healing tools, colour therapy, potent essential oils, energy shifting tools and powerful hands on healing just to name a few items you will experience.This is truly a gift to yourself in self nurturing, self care and self love.
Make time to take care of YOU!
There is so much value in downtime and self nurturing.
Self Care = Self Love
Text or phone 0404 619 148   OR   email [email protected]
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Looking forward to seeing you!

DISCLAIMER – please read:

All appointments are a natural therapy.  They are not intended as a replacement for psychological or medical treatment.  No medical claims are intended to be expressed or implied.

Please consult your medical practitioner for clarity as to whether these appointments are best for you.  Those with the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not used these programs:

Please do not book an appointment if you are:

Have a pacemaker
Experience seizures
Have had a recent head injury
Are being treated for inflammation with medication
Have had a stroke, or had symptoms of stroke
Blood clots

If you are under the use or influence of drugs or medications, please consult your physician.

People who choose to come and experience sessions assume all risks, waving any claims against Inner Tranquillity & Peace, or any affiliates, for any mental, emotional or physical injuries.