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Appointment Choices

Julia Smith headshotRemove those inner blocks and improve your Chi Flow with Music Therapy / Sound Frequency Healing and powerful blockage busting energetic healing, moving you to Being the best you can be and unlocking your talents.
* Remove obstacles that are preventing you achieving what you need.
* Dramatic Stress Release
* Sooth the Nervous System & Emotions.
* Dramatic Physical Tension Reduction and improve health.
* Brain Train Equal Whole Mind Usage.
* Range of Music & Sound Frequencies available to suit your needs. Click here to see them.
~ Perfect for anxious children, HSC students.
~ Excellent stress management for professional workers, ease mind overwhelm.
~ Amazing for beefing up creative output, busting writers block, painters block any block!
~ Highly beneficial complimentary therapy for serious illness (e.g.. cancer etc), overcoming grief and trauma.
~ Powerful spiritual advancement – shed karma, dissolve hooks, ties and cords to past events and people, clear negative energy/behaviour/thoughts/beliefs/emotions to be able to receive and embody highspeed chi energy.  This energy unlocks your gifts, talents, trust in the flow of the universe, your life purpose, and your higher emotional state – joy, happiness and fulfillment.
Interested for more information? You can reach Julia on 0404 619 148.

Appointments available:

1. 1/2 Hour Children and HSC student stress reduction – Investment: $70

InnerT-321Today’s world is highly stressful for our children, and stress reduction management is very important.
Reducing anxiety in young children and the lead up to important exams for older children, and reducing the stress dealing with friendship issues plus dealing with addiction particularly with devices are big issues. Special music and sound frequencies are chosen for this program to bring them back to coping, communicating, and confidence and the energy healing powerfully shifts debilitating stress energy and replaces it with upbeat faster energy.

2. 45mins Corporate Executives Leveraging Program – Investment: $140

This time focusses on in eliminating built up stress, re-focussing your powerful mind on your goals, and upgrading the processing of your brain for equal whole mind usage. This sets a platform for you to harness accessing wider range of the right side of the brain for creative strategies and connecting on an equal usage level to the left side of the brain for implementation. Give yourself the cutting edge – you will definitely notice the difference in how you interact in your corporate environment.

Ten Transformation Tones with the Tubular Crystal Harp

Ten Transformation Tones with the Tubular Crystal Harp

Appointment types 3. and 4. include sound healing with the Crystal Harp

This incredible instrument is made from crystal.  The 10 hertz frequency tones I hand picked for their transformational nature emit beautiful crystalline tones that connect with energy vibrations in your body that are at a lower frequency and transform them to your higher nature.  I have been receiving amazing feedback as to it’s effects.

3. 45 mins Transformational Energy Healing – Mixed Treatments – 3 choices:  $140 each

This is the perfect appointment for those time short and looking to off-load large amounts of stress and re-harmonise their energy. Recommended:  3 treatments once a fortnight.
In these treatments you receive:
i.  Music and Sound Frequency Energy Balance – This amazing treatment utilises both Music Therapy and Sound Therapy.  Your whole body will receive a massage in every cell of your body as you lay the speakers in the table and your mind will be transported to a deep state of rest.  Your whole body will release large amounts of stress, tension, worry, overwhelm and emotional distress and be balanced back to a relaxed and happier state; bringing you back to inner harmony and your intuition so you can Know your best next steps.
ii.  Powerful Energetic Hands on Healing – As Julia places her hands on your body the energy that flows through is very powerful and eliminates large quantities of denser energy that creates blocks and obstacles in your life – she can See and feel this dynamic energy move through your body transmutating and transformating slow energy and releasing what no longer serves.  This dense energy is literally drained out.  Fresh high frequency energy then comes in to replace it bringing in the cosmic keys and codes of your unique gifts and talents to be activated.  Your whole body will love you relieving it of that burden and you become in tune and aligned to your purpose and what you are needing.
Swords of Light Julia Smith 4Jul16iii.  Magical ‘Swords of Light’ Dissolvers of Negative Energy Holding You Back – Julia works on your whole body with these amazing ‘swords’.  The selenite and the high frequency energy handles work like magic dissolving and literally pulling negative energy and negative cords out of your body, dissolving karma and traumatic past lives that create sabotage patterns in your life today.  Shift that self sabotaging!

4. 1.5 Hour “The Ultimate Transformation” – Investment in You:  $350
Inner Tranquillity & PeaceThis is the ultimate way to relax while your energy is cleared, balanced and aligned to what you want to make reality in your life. This is a very powerful treatment and a huge shift can occur, dissolving karma, past life trauma and sabotage fears/patterns, draining out masses of negative energy, breaking down blockages that are holding you back and stopping your flow (like Writer’s Block).  Take back your power in these transformational ultimate appointments.

While you are blissfully transported to deep relaxation, Julia will facilitate it all for you.  There is nothing for you to do; it does you!

You will receive:

Discussion with Julia as to what you are requiring.
Intuited sound frequencies specifically that your body needs.
Intuited music that takes your mind to the Alpha state of calmness.
Hands on Healing
Swords of Light
As many intuited Colour energy sprays you need.
As many intuited Oils you need.
As many intuited Essences you need.
2 x Aura & chakra Photos – before and after you appointment, and a short discussion with Julia as to what is happening in your energy field and seeing the changes.

5. Package of 4 x 1.5 hour appointments – regular energy clearing and aligning
Investment to Live the Life of Your Choice – $1,200 ($300 per appointment, discount of $50 per visit, a total saving of $200 over 4 appointments)
a Sound Therapy Bed croppedThis package is perfectly suited to those who have a large vision and will pass through phases and milestones to reach it. Many clients choose to come at different stages along the visions unfolding, such as at the beginning of a new phase so their energy is aligned to the outcome of that phase and will help them clear the challenges along the way in grace and ease.

You will receive:

Energy Balancing Sound Therapy BedDiscussion with Julia as to what you are requiring.
Intuited sound frequencies specifically that your body needs.
Intuited music that takes your mind to the Alpha state of calmness.
Hands on Healing
Swords of Light
As many intuited Colour energy sprays you need.
As many intuited Oils you need.
As many intuited Essences you need.

Cymetics can photograph the colour of sound in action

Cymetics can photograph the colour of sound in action

Julia Being of Service to You as the conduit for channelled high frequency energies – working with energies such as ArchAngel Metatron, ArchAngel Sophia, ArchAngel Raphael, ArchAngel Michael and more Angels, and the Ascended Masters that come forward that that time.
Julia programs crystals to clear and energise your energy.
2 x Aura & chakra Photos – before and after you appointment, and a short discussion with Julia as to what is happening in your energy field and seeing the changes.

6. Aura & chakra Photographs and discussion – Discovery about You: $80

JSmith Aura for Ad 11June2014Spend time one on one with Julia for a discussion about your aura. Utilising Julia’s professional aura & chakra photography you will receive insights into what your aura and chakra’s function is, what the colours mean, what affects the changes, and how and why to take care of your aura’s energy field and chakras.

You will receive:

2 Aura and chakra glossy photographs (before and after the Colour energy spray)
Sprayed with one balancing Colour energy spray
1 Aura report specific to your photograph
Discussion with Julia

Appointment takes approximately 30mins.

Inner Tranquillity BrainWave TherapySuggested Appointment Focusses:
* Inner Empowerment – fast track your spiritual evolvement and expansion. Particularly, regular appointments will assist you to move through life’s mirror of your challenges, to let go, to clear your karma, and move you through the spiritual levels, initiations and gateways.
Inner Tranquillity BrainWave Therapy* Relaxation & Clarity – got a ticklish issue ? Feeling confused as to your best next decision ? Clear your head and have emotional turmoil disappear so you can see you way clearly.
* Instant Holiday Mode – make the most of your time off, and get straight in ultimate relaxation mode before you leave. Don’t take the first week away to wind down into relaxation and fun.* Dramatic Stress Relief – for those in crisis, overwhelm, anxiety, PTSD, Grief, Trauma.
* Cancer Support – your energy bounces back after Chemotherapy much faster
* Pain Management – most types of physical pain respond very well.

Crystal Harp and Meditation Events – please call me to discuss

Are you hosting an event and would like to include a transformational sound component for your audience?  I am available with my tubular crystal harp for appearances.  Please contact me on 0404 619 148 to discuss!

My tubular crystal harp contains ten transformation crystalline tones!  Think of 10 crystal bowls on the one instrument.  As an expert in the sound frequencies that create great clearing change within us, I had custom-made my tubular crystal harp.  I will lead you in a light meditation into the alpha-theta state of deep relaxation and then play the tones, and your audience’s body will receive these tones in crystalline form making them very powerful in their effects.

Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring – $220 per hour

Many people ask me out for coffee or to catch up because they have many questions to ask me!  This is because their soul is hungry for more information and to receive the high vibration from discussions with me.  If you are ready to invest in yourself and your curiosity, I can walk your life’s journey with you and impart invaluable information, assistance, guidance, self growth tasks, mediations and more that will greatly assist you in your spiritual journey.
Email me now on [email protected]

DISCLAIMER – please read:

All appointments are a complimentary therapy.  They are not intended as a replacement for psychological or medical treatment.  No medical claims are intended to be expressed or implied.

Please consult your medical practitioner for clarity as to whether these appointments are best for you.  Those with the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not used these programs:

Please do not book an appointment if you are:

Have a pacemaker
Experience seizures
Have had a recent head injury
Are being treated for inflammation with medication
Have had a stroke, or had symptoms of stroke
Blood clots

If you are under the use or influence of drugs or medications, please consult your physician.

People who choose to come and experience sessions assume all risks, waving any claims against Inner Tranquillity & Peace, or any affiliates, for any mental, emotional or physical injuries.