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Aura and Chakra Photography


Our Aura and Chakra Photography creates the opportunity for your vibration analysis, analysing the colours and state of your chakras operation.

You can book either a 30 minute Aura/Chakra photo appointment which includes one glossy colour photo of your aura and chakras as they are at that time, an Aura report specific to your photo and discussion about the meaning of your aura and chakras with Julia.  Aura Photographs are also included in all Sound & Colour appointments – one before and one after your treatment so you can see the influence pure energy has on your energy field.

Image:   Natural Auric Field showing Chakras out of balance

Julia-Smith-layerThough most of us can’t see our aura energy or human energy field, with our eyes, it is there, just like the air we breathe – it is invisible yet present.  The sound and colour vibration energy waves it sends out are our own unique resonance frequency which carries information as to what we will manifest in our life.

Included in our body is an energy field, and when photographed its image is a beautiful field full of a variety of colours, which are created by the vibrational level of our  emotional, mental and physical state of health.  The possible colours present in our energy field are the same as those of the rainbow, so we are a reflection of the energy present in our external world.

Here at Inner Tranquillity and Peace we offer AuraEnergy Photography so it is possible to view your own energy field at that moment in time.  It is a deeply connecting experience to see the beauty of your chi aura energy structure, and opens the mind to the possibilities of what that can mean for you.

You can then explore how you can work with the information these images give you to discover ways you can clear, balance and open your chakras so they are optimally functioning and better provide you with life-force health providing chi/prana energy flow.  This in turn will feed your body with the purer energy you need for increased physical health and vitality, mental and emotional calm, and increase the speed, or raise, your energy field’s natural frequency vibrational level for greatly improved connection with your intuition, self confidence and life purpose.

By working with Sound and Colour as a vibration you improve the energy flow in your energy field, through dissolving blockages.  You will then start to raise the metabolic or general rate your energy field vibrates at most of the time.  These vibrational waves are absorbed through skin, cells and bone as well as auditorily and visually.  The waves pass right through us, giving the ability to re-tune our body & clear and open the energy field to an optimal vibrational rate influencing health, vitality, and mental & emotional calm and clarity.  In turn it strengthens our connection with heightened intuition, self confidence, motivation and high energy levels to indentify and achieve what is our purpose in life, through raising our vibrational rate and improving our Law of Attraction and ease and grace in how it arrives.  You feel much happier, and your interactions with others greatly improves.

Working with the BodhiBed® Sound and Colour Vibration System is a very natural way you can achieve this, and it is incredibly enjoyable, relaxing, can facilitate a profound inner connection and best of all it assists to clear dense slower vibrations in your aura energy field, so your energy moves and shifts and allows in fresh new chi energy at a fast vibration rate, and those higher rates carry the resonance frequency information that you will be ‘putting out there’ to bring in what you love and intend into your life.

Ian-Smith-layerAn appointment at Inner Tranquillity and Peace  includes a before and after photo of you with a BodhiBed® sound, colour and high vibration frequency experience.

This photography adds to your experience giving a visual reference to what is happening with your energy field and chakras, in additional to the BodhiBed® leaving you deeply relaxed and revitalised physically, mentally and emotionally calm and clear and much more connected within yourself for insights.

Image:  After a BodhiBed® appointment- High vibration violet/magenta Auric Field with Balanced, opened, more optimal functioning chakras.

Please call or email with any questions, as I am happy to provide more information – 0404 619 148 or email me at [email protected].