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Energy Balancing Is Key To Health

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There are various energy healing therapies that are aimed at restoring energy body balance. These include Pranic healing, Reiki healing, Therapeutic Touch and Chakra healing. In each energy healing therapy, the energy healers seek to restore harmony and energy balance in the person’s energy system. This in turn enhances the person’s body’s ability to self-heal through natural healing.

Energy balancing can be achieved through Pranic healing. This alternative healing therapy is based on the prana which is the life-force that maintains the body alive and good health. The prana is an aura that surrounds and permeates our bodies. Sometimes the level of this body energy may be too high or too low, meaning that the body energy balance has been disrupted. This affects the body’s functions, and as a result, we become unwell. Through Pranic healing, the healer is able to heal the patient’s physical ailments by using the patient’s own body energy, by restoring its balance and flow, and enhancing its ability to self-heal.

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Reiki is another energy healing therapy that can be used for energy balancing. It is an ancient Japanese healing technique where energy healers lay their hands on the patient and the life-force flows from them onto the area of patient’s energy body that requires balancing and thus healing. The Reiki practitioner acts as a vessel through which the healing energy flows onto the patient’s body. The healer places his hands on otherwise over the body as well as the energy flows out of the healer onto the patient achieves energy balancing by correcting the imbalances that may be there and which are responsible for the ailment. The healer thus helps restore the energy balance in the patient’s energy body and promotes the restoration of health and wellness in the patient.

Therapeutic Touch is yet another method of achieving energy balancing. It is an alternative healing technique that restores the energy balance in a patient by the use of the hands, but without involving any direct contact. Therapeutic Touch states that harmful energy is the cause of blockages in the patient’s body’s energy flows and that this is responsible for the patient’s illness. Energy balancing is achieved by the energy healers who get rid of this harmful energy, thus removing the blockages and restoring proper energy flows. During a healing session, the healer focuses on the patient’s energy field to determine the location of the energy blockage that is causing the illness. The healer then places his hands over the patient’s body and passes them from head to toe. When he reaches the toes, he releases the negative energy by pushing it off into the air. The healer then transfers his own excess positive energy to the patient, leading to energy balancing and consequently healing.

A final method of energy balancing is Chakra healing. A chakra is a power heart, and there are several chakras in our bodies. There are seven large or primary chakras situated from the pedestal of the spine to the top of the head, and about a hundred small or secondary chakras located along the body on each side. The primary chakras greatly affect health and keeping the energy flows through them well-balanced greatly contributes to good health. Each chakra has its own unique vibration when in its balanced state. Thus, when it gets out of balance, energy balancing can be done by use of crystals, sounds and colours as these have their own vibrations or vibrational resonance. If the correct one is used, the chakra can be restored to its correct vibration, and energy balancing is thus achieved. As indicated above, this energy balancing helps to restore the patient to wellness.