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What Happens

BodhiBed, with caption 8-2014My BodhiBed® is the platform for my appointments. The BodhiBed is an incredible healing technology. The speakers that the music plays through have been specifically developed to transfer pure sound wave  hertz frequencies energy into your body, ensuring the table and your body vibrate at that specific frequency for maximum harmonisation and retuning of your body.

I have created my own unique combination to compliment the benefits of BodhiBed® vibrations, of other music you listen to that takes your mind to the alpha / theta state, and other high resonance products that are powerful and assist in cleansing, balancing uplifting and aligning your energy to what it is you want to come into your life.  All your senses are cleared and stimulated.  All this is magnified by the energy currents I bring through from the higher spiritual planes through my body as a conduit and feed ind share with your body. The power and effect of this is wonderful and I am always in complete awe and gratitude for the availability of the divine force and great Beings of Light that though they are not incarnated on Earth they work tirelessly to help us improve our life and uplift the collective energy levels on Earth.

ICS colour head 2014Sound and Colour are pure energy waves, and easily penetrate us. We all have felt how amazing music takes us to feeling so good or we really feel like wearing a colour and it makes us feel happy.

My one of a kind BodhiBed® is a table that has been specially designed to play scientifically designed sound frequencies and music that scientists know resonate and retune our body’s energy.  Not only that, as the sound moves through our body, every cell starts to vibrate to that music so your body is literally singing ! Every cell is massaged with music, all your nervous system is soothed, your meridian lines and chakras are cleared of blocks, your mind is calmed and your energy is instantly shifted.

Cymetics can photograph the colour of sound in action

Cymetics can photograph the colour of sound in action

After each appointment you receive a card to write down your vision and any inspirations or events that happen afterwards, and I write down all the products I use during your appointment, which are clearing balancing and aligning your energy vibration level to your outcome. These cards are handy for you to reflect on and refer to down the track.

Each appointment is tailored to your need. I listen and tune into you and then intuitively receive the information of what you need to shift your energy to be aligned to what you want – better health, a change in direction of your life, happiness within yourself.

'I am here to help you' - Julia Smith

‘I am here to help you’ – Julia Smith

So many people have decided to give this a try with such good results.

If you are feeling a resonance with this, I would love to see you.

Call me on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or book in and have this amazing experience.