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Julia Smith – Founder of Inner Tranquillity & Peace

Julia Smith headshotFor as long as she can remember, music has been a huge part of Julia’s life and understood from an early age the impact music and sound have on our emotions and state of mind. Talent runs in her family. Her paternal Grandmother an excellent pianist and her Great-Aunt was a gifted violinist who played in orchestras for many years. Growing up, her parents were avid music listeners and her home was constantly filled with all types of music – both classical and contemporary – and she was familiar with the connection music had on an emotional level; the highs and lows music creates and the influence on a person.

Julia played piano from the age of seven, initially under the tuition of her Grandmother. She experienced great joy the emotional expression music gave her.  During her schooling years she worked her way through the grades, sitting her exams for the Australian Music Examinations Board and for her Higher School Certificate.

Julia left the world of music to begin working in the finance industry. She was involved in the world of share markets, investment trusts and other investment vehicles. She never forgot, however, her connection to music as she became interested in esoteric subjects and personal growth.

Julia spent many years reading, researching and looking for methods of self-improvement on a path of self-discovery. This culminated in a profound awakening in early 2008 during an intense time of meditation, contemplation and research.  She made a deep connection with the power sound waves in music have on a the mind and body. During deep mediation and contemplation on the question “What unites the Universe as One” the answer came loud and clear “Sound waves.  Vibration energy waves.”  Vibrational waves and lines of energy are the information carriers throughout the universe. They are what unify us.  And there are billions of them traversing the Universe; a massive information highway, connecting everything together, facilitating communication everywhere.

When Julia discovered Sound Therapy and the significance of vibrational waves, in particular sound and colour waves for human beings, she began researching and exploring the technology being developed around the world.  She found that in many countries sound and colour was a developed field and now a scientifically validated therapy.  Her research found that all musical sound notes have a vibrational rate, colour waves have their own vibrational rate and corresponding musical tonal note and also human emotions have a vibrational rate. 

In the years since, Julia personally has spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy working on removing stored negative emotional vibrational energy waves from the cells in her body. This has resulted in the dramatic improvement in her relationship with her self and her surroundings. She has also worked tirelessly to bring this amazing technology to the Australian market, making it available to all who wish to improve their lives.

Julia is dedicated to this incredible technology and, as one of the first Australian practitioners, will continue to advocate for these life-changing therapies through the Power of Sound, Colour and Vibrational Therapies.