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How to Move Forward, Leave Your Thoughts Behind by Rosemary Butterworth


Read Rosemary’s tips on stopping mind chatter and taking charge of the direction of your thoughts.  Your thoughts create your reality – without thoughts nothing happens.


Rosemary Butterworth’s book How to Move Forward shares practical tips and techniques to increase awareness of how thoughts and beliefs influence your world.

‘Rosemary is truly one of life’s special people.  An insightful and compassionate spiritual teacher, healer, and intuitive.  Her gentle wisdom and light has made a profound impact on many lives, including my own’.   –   Maggie Hamilton, author of Secret Girls’ Business

After several decades creating and leading The Southern Cross Academy of Light, and as the editor and founder of ShiningBright Magazine, Rosemary Butterworth has provided a substantial platform for people seeking spiritual guidance, connection and a sense of belonging.

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