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Aura & Chakra Photography
Discovery About You – $80
You are more than you can see: learn more about the energy part of yourself. During this  appointment the your aura and chakras will be captured on the glossy colour photo using the biofeedback hand plate. The photo will show you your energy field’s colours and how open/closed your chakras are in that moment. Your energy field’s colours are constantly changing and your chakras openness indicates how much chi energy is flowing into your body. Learn what the colours mean and the importance of the energy part of yourself.

30 Minute consultation – You will receive: detailed discussion on the meaning of the colours in your aura and about your chakras.  The 2 aura photographs files will be emailed to you.

Sound Healing and Colour Therapy – $140

45 Min appointment –  A beautiful blissfully relaxing time out for you receiving sound healing, colour therapy with chi energy balancing.

Ultimate Package – $350

1.5hrs of amazing ultimate relaxation really bringing you right in touch with yourself.   A true gift of calm, clarity and rejuvenation.  Includes 2 aura photographs at the beginning and the end of your sound, colour and energy balancing and upgrade time for you.


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Aura and Chakra Photography, Sound Healing and Colour Therapy, Ultimate Package