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Self Love Meditation by Julia Smith



Truth Light

Julia’s Pick:  Self Love and Connecting to the Earth Meditation – 1 track

This is a short yet powerful 10 minute recording leading you to Self Love.  My mp3 initiates you to your Essence, your Soul, your unique feeling vibration.  As this guidance takes you to that central place, it is an environment of non-judgement, non-critisism, no pressure, so you can relax into just who you are, and know what it is to Just BE.  Convert pain into restfulness, calm and peace.  Take this journey of Self discovery and appreciation.  At the end of the recording, write down three things you love and appreciate about yourself – after a number of days watch your list grow !

528 hertz frequency is the Love Vibration.  Experience your Self as you never have before – download this today !

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