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At the time of your appointment – cash, and credit/debit card are accepted

Student Rate Sessions available for all treatments (please use this link here):

30 Minutes – $50     [wp_cart: $50 Gift Voucher:price:50:end]

1.  Exam Stress Buster – Student Rate session; click on link button above or here:

30 Minutes – $50      (Students only) [wp_cart: $50 Gift Voucher:price:50:end]

2.  Work Stress Management   &
3.  Grief Relief sessions and pricing are:
4 session package, two sessions per week for best results, discounted to $110 per session:
Upfront Payment – $440 (4 sessions, two per week)    [wp_cart: $440 Gift Voucher:price:440:end]
2 Payments – $220 per week     [wp_cart: $220 Gift Voucher:price:220:end]
4.  Instant Holiday Mode   &
5.  Deep Relaxation & Wellbeing   &
6. Sound Healing & Energy Balancing sessions and pricing are:

30 mins – $65                  [wp_cart: $65 Gift Voucher:price:65:end]
1 hour – $130                   [wp_cart: $130 Gift Voucher:price:130:end]
7.  Cut Negative Thinking 9 sessions
9 Session package, twice per week for best results
Upfront Payment –  9 session package for $990    [wp_cart: $990 Gift Voucher:price:990:end]
3 Payments – $390 per week   [wp_cart: $390 Gift Voucher:price:390:end]

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Once you have made your payment, please email me at:  [email protected] or phone me on 0404 619 148 and I can confirm your appointment & receipt of payment.          Thankyou !

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Gift Vouchers 

Give a unique gift – Gift Vouchers are available for various different prices.  Something to suit everyone’s budget:
Gift Voucher – $30 [wp_cart: $30 Gift Voucher:price:30:end]
Gift Voucher – $50 [wp_cart: $50 Gift Voucher:price:50:end]
Gift Voucher – $65 [wp_cart: $65 Gift Voucher:price:65:end]
Gift Voucher – $130
[wp_cart: $130 Gift Voucher:price:130:end]
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 Soul Colour – A series of 14 Colour Therapy Divine Ray Essence Sprays
ica syd - tok  4731
These Soul Colour sprays are the perfect way to fragrantly and easily cleanse and protect our aura of negativity and cleanse our chakras for better energy flow.  Known as a “Blessing in a Bottle” these are the perfect way to start each day in an optimal day, by raising the vibrational rate of our energy field.  These Essences contain organic high vibrational essential oils, essences, and sacred water and are created during sacred ceremony, infusing them with divine Spirit for our optimal energetic health.  There are 14 Colour Ray sprays, and we can assist you to identify the colour you need to work with daily.
Small bottle – $35     [wp_cart: $35 Gift Voucher:price:35:end]
Large bottle – $50     [wp_cart: $50 Gift Voucher:price:50:end]
Inner TranquillityBioptron Colour Light Therapy

Bioptron Pro 1 & filters photo Mar11The deep penetrating vibrational light waves from this equipment is particularly successful for skin cell regeneration – great for facials, leaving your skin youthful and glowing and also for skin regeneration, scars, crows feet, ageing lines etc.  Please contact us for complete usage of this amazing natural technology.

Left image: This larger unit is the size of your face.

Bioptron CompIII in stand Mar11Right image:  This smaller unit covers the size of your eye socket.

Two sizes available: 

Bioptron Compact III – $735  (small hand held unit)
Colour Therapy Light Filters – $585
Bioptron Pro 1 with table stand – $2,650       or
Bioptron Pro 1 with floor stand  – $2,850
Bioptron Pro 1 Colour Filters – $890
Oxy Spray 250 ml – $29
Cosmetic Light Fluid – $55
Balancing Gel – $59
Cristal Cream – $95
Prices inclusive of GST.  A host of information is available at the Zepter website, who are the owners of Bioptron Light Therapy system, giving details of the medical assistance Bioptron can offer you – naturally.

Please contact Julia to order your unit & arrange posting/collection – 0404 619 148
Inner Tranquillity
Super Manifesting Meditations   

  Click here to see a range of “Super Manifesting” guided meditations – our recommendation is “The Blue Room“.Inner Tranquillity
GENZON WATER – Mineralised, Magnetized, Filtered Water Units

As the human body is made up of 72% water, and the brain alone is made up of 90% water, water is a significant make up of our body.  It makes sense that the quality of the water you drink is an essential part of our lives.  Before society obtained its water from the dam stored and pipe delivered method, we drank from natural springs and streams, water that naturally contained vital minerals absorbed from the earth.  Genzon Mineralised Water Filters are as close as you can get to this natural type of mineralised water.
Image:  Genzon 12 litre mineralised water filter

* Fill the top with tap water and the ceramic filter removes organic & inorganic particles to 0.2 microns;
* The filter cartrige is comprised of 19 natural raw materials thoroughly removing impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals including chlorine, some flouride & odours and softens and improves the taste. 
* The filtered water is then stored in with the deep sea mined mineral stones which slowly release many ionised minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous & sodiumThe result is PH Alkaline, oxygenated Pi living water.
* Some of the mineral stones are impregnated with silver which provides a natural anti-bacterial ensuring the water and tank remain fresh and adds a silver collodial component.
* The tap contains magnets so as you pour yourself a glass of purified water the magnets breaks down the size of the water clusters also aiding rapid absorption into the body and also increases oxygen levels in the water.
* All plastic in the unit are BPA free so no leaching of chemicals into the water.
* Product is fully guaranteed.  Returns accepted within 90 days for a full refund.

Units Available:
5 litre Water Filter including all filters                $345.00   (great for camping)
12 litre Water Filter including all filters              $395.00
Insulated Carry Bag for 5 litre unit                     $29.95
Drink Bottle stainless steel double walled 500ml       $19.95
4 cups & pouch stainless steel cups/leather pouch     $19.95
Replacement items:
Ceramic Filter                                                                   $39.95
Carbon Filter (replace every 12 months)                     $39.95
Silver Mineralised Stones                                               $29.95
Mineral Stones (replace every 4-5 years)                   $39.95

Benefits are:

The pure water in every cell of your body can add an element of improved vibratory levels.  Energising your water before you drink it with thoughts and words of love and gratitude also add to increasing the vibratory level of the water you are ingesting – as according to the studies of Dr Emoto.
Please contact Julia to order your unit & arrange posting/collection – 0404 619 148
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Abundance™ by Young Living Oil was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Abundance™ creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance™ opens us to a wealth of possibilities.  15ml bottle
$62 – Free postage in Australia
[wp_cart: $62 Abundance Oil:price:62:end] –

Any other Young Living Oils you would like to purchase, can be ordered for you.  Please phone 0404 619 148 or email [email protected] and let us know what you need.