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Stress Treatment To Improve Health

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Symptoms of Stress…
Stress symptoms, also known as signs of stress, which may cause us to require stress treatment, include:
–    Headaches or migraines, especially tension headaches.
–    More frequent onsets of colds or flu since stress lowers immunity levels.
–    Insomnia and other sleep problems, where stress keeps you from sleeping altogether, or lessens the restorative benefits of sleep.
–    General anxiety, which could be triggered by having too many stressors in one’s life.
–    Slower thinking as a result of more hormones pumped into one’s body to help deal with the stressful situation, and causing one to think less quickly.

–    Irritability and feelings of frustration as a result of the increased demands made on the person, and the feeling that they are unable to cope.

–    Other stress symptoms include constant tiredness, indigestion, dry mouth, tearfulness, clammy hands and the feeling of being wound up like a clock.

Stress Management
When faced with such signs of stress help and relief is what a person needs. Stress relief can be obtained by adopting appropriate stress management methods, and undergoing proper stress treatment.

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Before undertaking any stress management course or stress treatment, it is essential to select the sources of stress that are affecting your life. These sources of stress could be external, in the form of other people or situations, or they could be internal, namely yourself.

Once the stressors have been identified, appropriate stress management strategies must be developed to help you in dealing with stress. These strategies should be tailor-made to the specific stressor as follows:

1)    Avoiding the stressor – If it is possible to do so, eliminate the stressor from your life, by avoiding situations where it is present, or turning down situations that lead to the emergence of the stressor.
2)    Altering the stressful situation – Where it is not possible to avoid the stressor, try to alter it by possibly changing circumstances so that the problematic situation does not recur in the future.
3)    Adapting to the stressor – Where it is not possible to change the stressor, adapt you to the situation and change your own behavior and attitude.
4)    Accepting the stressor – Where it is not possible to avoid or change the stressor, it may be helpful to simply accept the situation as it is, instead of forever struggling with it, thus leading to increased stress levels in your life.
5)    Incorporate fun and relaxation in your life as a stress relief mechanism.
6)    Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, exercising more regularly, and getting enough sleep.

Stress Treatment
There are various methods of treatment for stress that are available, which can also be used as treatment for anxiety. These stress treatments include:

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1)    Medication – This stress treatment involves the use of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs, though many require a prescription from a doctor and should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

2)    Herbal medication – Herbal drugs are an alternative form of stress treatment, but have been found to be effective and often have fewer side effects than conventional medication.
3)    Relaxation exercises – These stress treatment exercises include Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, abdominal breathing and dancing.
4)    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This therapy focuses on changing thinking patterns that cause anxiety leading to stress, and changing one’s behavior accordingly. This can be very beneficial in stress treatment.
5)    Incorporating exercise into the daily routine of a person is an important element of one’s stress treatment.
6)    Making adjustments to one’s diet to remove foods that stimulate the release of adrenaline which causes stress, and to include those that cleanse the body of stress chemicals and promote the release of those that promote calmness and a sense of well-being.

Stress if improperly dealt with can have serious negative effects on one’s health. Having an effective stress management and stress treatment plan for dealing with stress can greatly minimize these problems and help one live a healthier life.