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At Inner Tranquillity & Peace, we love to support:


IICT_logo-colour-smallThe International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health Industry
Welcoming 680+ Natural Therapy Modalities
Visit:  – is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

SHA-Logo_WhiteInternational Sound Healers Association:

The International Sound Healers Association is the association I am registered with and are hear to assist education and raise awareness about the profound assistance music and sound bring to our lives.

Founded by Jonathon Goldman who is international recognised.

ARF Org logo 
Australian Rainforest Foundation

Working for tropical rainforest preservation through purchasing rainforest blocks of land to conserve native flora and fauna.

 I support ARF as they are in alignment with my passion that much work needs to be done to preserve natural habitats, and work with scientists and indigenous peoples to create beautiful, sustainable and appreciated wilderness areas.

ARF also support the creation of cutting edge medicines to be made from exotic plants found in these pristine locations.

Royal Prince Alfred Cancer Unit



The RPA does fantastic work with those who are suffering with Cancer, and we are so happy to have had this opportunity to assist in their efforts.