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Multi-dimensional healing of an old wound

Multi-dimensional healing of an old wound

25 April 2017 - I started seeing Julia a couple of months ago for an ailment that I believe to be a 'spiritual wound'. Straight away Julia understood what I was talking about and was able to describe my affliction exactly how was seeing it myself.

With the use of her selenite swords and beautiful crystal harp, Julia has removed a considerable amount of the density I've been experiencing in my shoulder and neck, I've had this discomfort for as long as I can remember, so it's great to finally meet someone who gets me and has incredible multidimensional insight to help shift the physical density and free my spirit!

I look forward to continuing the work we've started as I believe I'll soon be free of my physical restrictions.

A big thank you to Julia, it's been a pleasure to meet her and feel understood, nurtured and healed. Much love ❤️ Zoe, Energy Healer