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Amazing aura photography and enlightened discussion

26 April 2017 - My experience at Inner Tranquility and Peace, owned by Julia Smith, allowed me to experience the amazing innovative technology of Bio-feedback Aura/Chakra Photography for the first time. I was truly amazed at the professionalism of Julia by her way of explaining the results of the 2 Photos taken on the day. The deep insightful messages also received from Julia about her understanding of how Energy flows through the Chakras was helpful and informative. I would gladly recommend her Service to anyone I know and even to my Dad who aspires to get his Aura/Chakra Photos taken. A wonderfully happy experience overall.  Thanks Julia!  Christian Christian, it was such a profound time we spent discussing energy fields, chakras and our connection to the Universe.  Such a blessing to spend time with a very aware person.  Julia