Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

Dee Norman, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

8 February 2011 I absolutely loved Julia's Vibrational sound therapy!  It came at a time when I was so in need of deep relaxation and some nurturing due to various stressful life situations going on around me. Julia's loving & caring approach immediately put me in a safe and comfortable mood even though I did not really know what my experience was going to be like. The ambience created was perfect with the soothing vibrational sounds coming through the earphones whilst I deeply relaxed on the massage table, as the sensations subtely but profoundly moved through my whole body. Ironically as I initially lay myself onto the table, the heavens outside opened up and the most amazing storm was taking place and all this coincided with my relaxation experience and added to the ambience. It was the first time in ages that I had felt so deeply relaxed and I didn't even hear Julia re-enter the room but suddenly this delicious aroma wafted over me and through the air adding an extra dimension to my experience. I would highly recommend Julia's sound therapy, as afterwards I felt like a different person, much more relaxed, as if I had released years of tension as if I had been on a short holiday. Julia's caring and compassionate nature and her ability to intuitively tune into people makes this treatment unique and special. Dee Norman,  Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher