Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

I Love the Program Post Session

4 April 2014 - Hi Julia, I am doing very well, thanks for asking, on my program and loving it. I have been doing it about four times a day - spraying with Yellow calling back the joy, then Pink love the Pink, then rubbing surrender on my tummy and meditating on my heart - I just love it. It is really getting me out of my head, and do you know I didn't realise I was in my head until you pointed it out, I am normally mostly in my body and not thinking so much, but the grief has sent me into my head, and the program you have given me is bringing me back, into my body and aware that I was thinking again. It is a deep and dark place that I go and I don't particularly like it, it is somewhere way in the past, very heavy and sad.
Narelle Green