Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

International consultant for Isagenix

30 October 2012 Dear Julia, As you know I have had a sustained period of emotional stress and grief after loosing two of the the closest women in my life. Anna my best friend and my beloved mom. Thank yo for suggesting I have a sound, vibration and colour healing session with you . After my relaxing treatment with you I feel so much better. I can see more clearly now. The fog has lifted from my being. I even have more energy now. My body so needed the pamper and the time out. I loved the combination of colour, sound and vibration as well as your suggested intentions The healing began as I entered your peaceful space. Then the gentle words of spiritual guidance from you, before the treatment, set the tone. On the table it all started to happen. Thank you for suggesting I stop on my way home and sit on a bench and just let the healing settle ad write down my guidance that comes through. I did that. I then drove 7 hours home to the mid north coast in a very clear and centered space instead of being all over the place with my emotions buried deep within. I was able to allow the tears out freely as the emotions cleared. Take care my darling Love Light and LAUGHTER MARGIE International consultant for Isagenix +61 2 65877146 + 61 407187159 Skype: margaret.hare2 Youtube:margiespotions