Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

Well-Being, Joy, Peace & Love

11 April 2013 I have been interested in experiencing different levels of consciousness for some time. I have both formerly studied and practiced different relaxation, psychology and energy methods that would induce altered states of mind achieving experiences of well-being, joy, peace and love. In working with Julia and using the BodhiBed programs I experienced programs that facilitated inspirational, as well as total relaxation states. I found that with each specific program the vibrational energy, the music and the recommended crystal and aroma supplements enhanced my intended states. Certain programs facilitated clear intentions and visualizations that empowered me in setting goals, paths and experiencing the accomplishments. Other programs quickly brought me into deeply enhanced states of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. I found the vibrational energy fields created through the programs were tranquil and peaceful on physical, emotional and mental levels, and enhanced pathways to higher spiritual connections. Julia also supplemented the BodhiBed program with visual representations of my aura. The pre-session aura photography was interesting as a stand-alone tool, as it offered me a clear visual guide to the energy fields that surrounds me. It was amazing to see my personality and health energy so clearly depicted, and how different it was to aura photos I had seen of other people. It gave me a clear understanding about my personal strengths and characteristics. It also clearly depicted the state and openness of my chakras, which confirmed my own senses in this area. Following the BodhiBed program, Julia again photographed my aura. It was very interesting to see the changes in my aura, which had moved from a two colour yellow-orange representation to a uniform golden-orange energy field. The aura photo confirmed the changes in my enhanced physical and mental states that I felt. I found the aura photography to be a very interesting and informative tool when used on its own, and a great supplementary tool with the BodhiBed program in depicting the enhanced energy field. Luna H, Bayview