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Refreshed & Relaxed

13 April 2013 - When I arrived I was feeling pretty tired with low energy and an ongoing sore throat that I'd had for about 2 weeks. After a session on Julia's BodhiBed, I felt refreshed and relaxed but most importantly my throat felt completely relieved.  It was such a stark contrast to how I felt before the treatment. I felt like I'd had a nice deep sleep for 8 hours and my throat felt so good. 24 hours later - I'm just wanting to let you know that after the session yesterday, I'm still feeling really good.  My throat feels so much better, almost completely back to normal.  I think that's pretty amazing considering how wiped I felt beforehand and then after a session, to have such a marked difference is pretty amazing I think. 17 April 2013 – My throat still at the same place as after session which I think is pretty amazing to have such a healing effect after one BodhiBed session. Megan Donald Attractor Field Therapist and Holistic Councellor Pittwater Therapies