Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

My Vision Came True!

15 August 2014 - I visited Julia in August 2013 and as suggested, had an intention or goal for the session. It was a powerful experience and I went away feeling energised and uplifted. My intention was a financial goal to occur within a year and I had absolutely no idea how it could happen and really didn’t believe it would. I didn’t think too much about how it would happen but did think about the outcome over the next few months. I still can’t quite believe it but 7 months after my visit I was able to tick this goal off my list. It didn’t happen at all how I expected but it was amazing that it did happen. I put it down to the sound session with Julia and the healing and aligning with my goal that occurred. I would highly recommend her sound therapy. It is one of the most powerful methods I have ever used and am very grateful to have found such a wonderful healer.  Thanks. Janet H