Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

Pymble Ladies College

Pymble Ladies College, Mind Body Spirit day held in September 2011 . Some of the wonderful comments from the gorgeous Year 11 girls: “Absolutely amazing ! Incredible how the music and vibrations affect you”     Pippa, 17 “I loved how the vibrations massaged my body”     Pheobe, 17 “Very relaxing and totally amazing !! The vibrations and music were soothing and the smells of the oils completely relaxing!  Thank you.”        Jessica, 16 “Great experience. Very relaxing. Loved it.”      Ashley, 17 “Never experienced anything like it! It was incredibly relaxing and enjoyed it very much.”       Sophie, 16 “So nice and relaxing. I was in another world.”        Lily, 16 “Amazing experience.”      Cynthia “Provided alot of clarity, very relaxing.!”      Lauren, 17 “Beautifully relaxing. Loved it !”       Yvette, 16