Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

Nurturing & Calming Sound Massage

11 June 2013 I want to thank you for the sound massage you gave me.  It was a beautiful experience, very nurturing and calming and I felt very safe and able to stretch out my etheric field, which felt a relief and also very liberating. I felt like every cell in my body was being relaxed- quite a remarkable and very nourishing feeling. I loved all the oils and scents; they smelt gorgeous and took me to another level and your touch was very soothing and non-invasive. It was a wonderful space to set intentions and I felt very uplifted and more attuned to a finer frequency when I left. Thanks for your advice re grounding in the park.   I took a stroll down the road to that park and was delighted to find a beautiful little garden next door full of devas.  The park was great as it wasn't until I took my shoes off and connected with some of the trees that I realized how high my frequency had been raised and how much I needed to ground! Although I was still recovering from that flu I had for the next couple of days, it was really interesting to feel a deep state of peace physically which I feel helped me to recover much faster than normal. I still feel very calm and I'm very happy that the level of relaxation I gained through the sound massage has been integrated on a physical level. I love the auric photography and the before and after shots; being able to see the shifts that the sound massage created.  I'm keen to try the self-love oil so will pick that up from you in the next couple of weeks.  You have such a beautiful space there, Julia, and I will highly recommend the sound massage to other people. I've already raved about it to Sarah, so don't be surprised if you receive a call from her sometime soon! Renalda