Reduce Anxiety & Stress with Music Therapy

Sanna Purinton

May 2010 Relaxation, calm, and silence are often difficult or in some cases almost impossible for many people to obtain and this great technology is a wonderful and exciting tool to assist many to reach the goal of deep and profound empting of the mind. I found that the vibrational sound therapy was so simple and straight forward.  I climbed upon the bed rested my head and almost instantly was gently guided into a deep blissful state of calm. Having been a teacher of meditation and relaxation I can easily see this technique would be ideal for those who want to relax, experience calm, need to rest and in some cases are suffering from anxiety and a restless mind. it could also assist those who wish to take on a personal practice of meditation, as well. Personally I loved the feeling of the vibrational sound therapy - I was almost instantly transported away from my busy life into a state of silence and after my hour on Julia’s sound therapy, my day was wonderful and blissful. I enjoyed the vibration in the bed and the sounds that I heard before I fully relaxed were soothing and enjoyable. This is a great tool in the practice of relaxation and meditation and I recommend it highly. Sanna Purinton Spirit Consciousness Facilitator.