Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

Sara Heath

February 2010 My name is Sara Heath. Late July 2009 I was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumour, and after two bouts of surgery to remove all traces of the cancerous cells; I embarked on my chemotherapy journey, involving six sessions every three weeks, over a period of three months… For those of you who have not experienced this particular kind of hell, it can best be described as a rollercoaster ride into the deepest, darkest pit.  When the black fog descends each time, you are totally at its mercy, body, mind and spirit.  There’s no respite from the extreme nausea, muscle spasms and raging temperatures, and when you come out the other side you are as weak as a newborn.  Mentally you are taken into the bleakest, desperate depths where just to hold on to your sanity is a struggle. I was offered the unique opportunity to follow each chemo treatment with a session of Vibrational Massage Sound Therapy and to continue weekly during my three-month ordeal.  This treatment involves lying on a sound bed with a set of head phones that emit vibrational sound waves in a combination of Brain Wave Massage and Vibrational Massage Sound Therapy – assisting in both brain and body rejuvenation.   The vibrations that pulsed through my body helped to remove the symptoms of stress, easing the tension I was holding that was caused by the chemo treatment and its side effects. Lying down and experiencing the soothing, pulsing vibrations after the onset of a chemo treatment helped to settle and calm me.  There was a sense of the energy moving through and supporting the process I was about to endure. A week later, still shaky and weak from the effects of the chemo treatment a further sound therapy session saw an unbelievable spike in my energy levels.  I left each time with clarity and strength so profound that I am able to start functioning in my usual way. I then continued with a third sound therapy session a week before my next chemo treatment, where I am stronger and healthier physically, but the trepidation of going back in to that dark place is huge.  The benefits of this therapy are so far reaching and I emerged empowered, braver and more resilient mentally and physically to face the next challenge. I cannot praise the benefits of this therapy enough, it reaches you on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.  It brings clarity of thought, renewed energy and vitality and above all an absolute conviction that it is assisting the body to heal itself.  I found the treatment sessions to be a time out period, just for me, when I could reflect on the process I was going though, assisting me in my belief in myself and in my ability to heal. Should you wish to contact me personally to ask any questions, please do, I am available on 0419 201 006. Best wishes Sara Heath