Crystal Harp Sound Healing ~ Christ Consciousness Energetics

The Perfect Sound Frequency

8 April 2014 - Thank you again for a wonderful session. I really felt a deep level of peace and relaxation both during the session and afterwards. As I mentioned to you at the time, the pelvic floor frequency seemed to hit the spot for me. The frequency felt incredibly soothing and nourishing at a very deep level. I felt like there was a foundation being laid; something being re-established that I had lost connection with a long time ago.  What I have noticed which I feel marks a huge shift as a consequence of that is that I am feeling stronger and a new level of confidence both with the business and at school.  I have been very effective in the last few days since I saw you. It may seem like a small thing but being on the inside of the experience, it's a quantam one for me! (There's that word but it seems the most appropriate one to use in this case). I feel like everything is flowing better and I am able to go with the flow. I haven't started the bottle yet but will get that in a couple of days. Much gratitude to you Julia and I am more than happy for you to come for a session once you get back from your holiday. Love Renalda