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Realizing Your Natural Frequency

Once the burden of constant negative behavior has greatly diminished, the first thing we notice is how much happier and uplifted we feel.  We notice our interactions with others has a lot less drama, is positive, unexpected good things start happening and we identify and appreciate our own unique talents rather than constantly measuring or comparing ourselves to others.    We start thinking positive things about ourselves which effects our natural frequency.  We are at one with our own unique individuality and allow that personal signature vibration to flow and be seen.

As our metabolic emotional vibration natural frequency rises and rises (as per the chart in the previous post) we become increasingly free of negative emotions.  We start attracting people and situations of a similar higher vibration into our life, and most importantly start to reduce our accumulated karmic burden.

So when all our negative emotions are dissolved, the base emotional vibrational rate we are left with is the emotion of love.  So as negativity disappears, feelings of love become more and more apparent in our life, until Being in a continual state of love of self and all in life.  We are at peace and at one with the world and ourselves.

Your Love’s Natural Frequency

We fall in love with our own self and the wonder of our own uniqueness.  We are not caught up in the past or the future, but are able to just live in the now from moment to moment, knowing that what is best for us will happen.  Inner trust becomes a part of living and being in your natural frequency.

During this process the realisation that everyone else is on their own unique journey to this state of love.  As we are all having our Love unfolding experience, everyone’s journey and story is different, making life diverse and interesting.  We stop taking things personally as we see each person is dealing with their own unraveling of negative habits.

The Great Creator created us from it’s own Being.  It is in all the sacred texts.  The Great Spirit is Love, and so by definition our core nature is Love as our natural frequency of being.  Living and Being love is the real you.  Life events just provide us with a mechanism to rediscover it.  The saying “Oh my god” has a whole new meaning, as we are mini-me versions of the Great One.  We are Love, here finding it within ourselves through our non-love experiences.

Welcoming Back Your Natural Frequency

The journey back to our natural base emotional state of love, shedding the negative emotional imprinting we have received along the way, is so much more easily facilitated in today’s world.  There is a myriad of techniques and services available and part of the joy is discovering which ones work for you at different times.

To let go of negative lower vibrational emotions and raise your emotional vibration, reducing your stress is a key fundamental element, as it increases your coping skills and clears your mind for dealing with issues, connecting you with your intuition and improving your clarity of thinking.

Sound therapy is a vibrational therapy, ideal for cutting lower negative vibrational thought patterns, letting go of lower negative emotions, releasing physical tension and balancing your natural frequency and your chi energy for greater energy flow and restoring your natural frequency.

BodhiBed ® Sound Massages is a multi-layered vibrational sound treatment.  Through directly playing music and specific sound tones into the body every cell in your body is massaged and re-tuned to a higher vibrational state.  Simultaneously your mind is taken to a very calm place. Our service includes other vibrational tools, which assist connecting you with your own inner love leading to better quality of life.

Isn’t it time you got your natural frequency back?  Contact Us Now to learn more.

© Julia Smith, June 2012